About Peralta Marroquín & Cía.

Our Mission

To give finantial audit, consulting and advice of a high level, with quality and value added to companies, persons and proyects responsibles, compromised with social and economical delvelopment in the country and region.

Our Vision

To share support, facilitation, tools and knowledge with companies and organizations that use or share our services for the efficient accomplishment of their objectives and purposes with which we assume a professional partnership solutions and mutually beneficial improvements.

Our Values

The framework of values that we apply in our business are based on Honesty, Honor and Truthfulness, forcing us to only make commitments that are in our ability and safely keep.

Professional frame

Make all our works in compliance with international professional standards of our firm as our partners associated with the projects.

Politics and Quality Control

Our firm maintains a continuous updating of their key professionals by providing an updated library of laws, professional standards and documents, as well as by attending specialization courses and the continuing technical discussion of high level .

Our work is performed in teams, so that no work is depending on a particular person; incorporating review by other professional staff at different levels, and particularly the Director, in his personal capacity, responsible for the implementation of the professional techniques updated audit and consulting.